Primed is a new service that finds you the best opportunities for your career in technology.

In addition to your experience, Primed considers your preferences and soft requirements to suggest opportunities that advance your career. More importantly, everything is overseen by real people so your recommendations are always intelligent, relevant and personal.

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Bespoke career matching, because one size fits none.

Primed will only recommend opportunities that match your preferences, from the type of work to the type of office. Complex problems around infrastructure and delivery? Sorted. Front-end development paired with designers? No problem. You set your preferences and Primed does the rest. And with each recommendation, you can fine tune your criteria so that Primed will help you find precisely what you’re looking for.

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9 to 5? We consider the 5 to 9 as well.

It’s not just about the work, it’s about so much more: the team, the space, the dynamics, and the lifestyle that comes with it.

Do you prefer quiet offices with space to think? Or vibrant, open-plan warehouse-style environments? Primed takes those preferences into account. We won’t suggest a busy, hectic startup if you’d rather silently ponder deep computing problems.

Between startups and the corporate world, there are plenty of things to consider as well. Equity, benefits, or perks? Tell us and we’ll find you the perfect fit of percentages, pensions, and pool tables.


Step up, not side to side.

Rather than just another job, Primed will proactively suggest roles that are logical steps in your career. If you’ve been in a senior role for a while, your recommendations might be for executive and leadership roles; whereas if you’ve only been in the industry a couple of years, Primed will suggest intermediate roles with room to grow. Primed helps guide your career, one step at a time.

Join Primed today and take control of your career. There’s absolutely no charge to you.