Primed finds and retains the best people for your technology team with intelligent matching and human curation.

Our focus on proactive recruitment means as your company grows, your team does too, naturally and organically.

Right people

The right people put right in front of you.

Primed presents you with only the best candidates. Instead of relying solely on keyword matching, we consider soft skills, personality fit, and other such requirements.

Once our algorithm has created a shortlist, it’s reviewed by our experts to ensure every candidate is exceptional.

So when you finally sit down for a face-to-face interview with a candidate, you’ll be meeting someone who aligns with your team’s skillsets and culture.

And Primed candidates aren’t looking for another job, they’re looking for their next step. That means you get people who are committed to making a difference and to investing in your business and its success.


Proactive recruitment, not reactive.

Primed’s unique systems continuously look for new people who would fit your team. So as your team grows, Primed supplies you with ideal candidates. Even if you’re planning on growing your team in a year’s time, Primed will begin to match people to your roles, accounting for numerous variables including notice period. It means that when Primed finds the right person for the job, they’ll be ready to work the moment you need them.


An ace up your sleeve for those tight spots.

If you need someone for your team immediately, Primed has that covered too with people who specialise in contracts of any length. Whatever the need – be it a maternity cover or a massive backlog – Primed will find you people to pick up the slack right away, all within our standard pricing structure, no extras or rush fees.


People are complex, pricing shouldn’t be.

Primed has a single pricing model: you pay for each job opportunity you need matched. It’s that simple; no extortionate commission fees, no invoices months later for a percentage of a person’s salary, and no hidden administrative costs.

Join Primed today and see how it can transform your business and your team.