A new service from Team Prime, Primed changes the way companies recruit and how people think about their careers.

We created Primed after years of working in both technology team building and strategy roles, where we assisted companies streamline their recruitment processes and then helped them find the hires they had always hoped for. Building a good team is about finding the right people all the time, not just who is available at the time.

Primed is our answer to painful recruitment that often involves processes that are unpleasant, and middle people and processes that can get in the way of easy, smart, streamlined team building. It allows people to register to hear about roles in their entirety with no obligation to share their details until they are ready. It gives employers the chance to share their details with a large community of people, without being pressured into high commission fees or having to sift through countless mismatched candidates from jobs boards.

We have built a human curated service done through a software interface, giving employers the quality they need, in the quantity that's useful — not overwhelming. For people, it allows passive browsing of the market without calls, misinformation or any calls to action unless they're keen on a role.

Primed is how we believe recruitment should be: smart, easy, and enjoyable.

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